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iPhone Dimensions - Portrait

It’s often handy to know the size of the standard iPhone User Interface (UI) elements.
You know, the Status Bar, Nav Bar, Tab Bar, etc.

Here you go...

iPhone Dimensions (Sizes) - Portrait

So, if you want an image to fill the Main Content Area, it needs to be 320 pixels wide by 367 pixels high.

Note: these measurements are for standard, non-Retina displays. Titanium uses these measurements regardless of what devices you are working with. If you want to support the Retina display, you just have to include doubled versions of your images.

For example...

File Name Display Type Dimensions
"image.png" Standard 320x367 pixels
"image@2x.png" Retina 640x734 pixels

In case you can’t make sense of the graphic...
iPhone Portrait Width 320px
iPhone Portrait Height 480px
Status Bar Height 20px
Nav Bar Height 44px
Main Content Area Height 367px
Tab Bar Height 49px
Keyboard Height 216px
iPhone Portrait Keyboard Size 216px

Note that when the keyboard is displayed, it covers up the Tab Bar at the bottom of the screen.