Titanium Tips

Introducing the Titanium Warehouse

Titanium Warehouse
Notice a new tab at the top of this site?
That’s the Titanium Warehouse.

The Titanium Warehouse contains links to all the useful blog posts that have been written on this site and will hopefully become a comprehensive resource for Titanium developers. Links to other useful sites around the web and Appcelerator’s own documentation might be added in the future as well.

The Titanium Warehouse is categorised into logical topic groupings to help you find what you need to know. If you’re having a problem with Titanium development, then hopefully the code warehouse will help you to find a quick and easy solution.

From now on, whenever a new tip is posted on the main Titanium Tips blog page,
the Titanium Warehouse will be updated accordingly.

What is Titanium?

A fighter jet made partially with titanium
Seeing as this site is based around Titanium, it probably would make sense to explain exactly what titanium is.
So here goes...

“Titanium is a metal element, number 22 on the Periodic Table. It resists corrosion, has a good strength-to-weight ratio and is used in all sorts of great products, from fighter jets to Apple PowerBook G4s (still the most beautiful Apple notebook computers ever produced IMO).”

“Oh yeah, it’s also the name of a software product produced by Appcelerator Inc.”


Welcome to Titanium Tips

Welcome to Titanium Tips image
Welcome to TitaniumTips.com

This site is designed to help Appcelerator Titanium developers make the most of the wonderful Titanium software. Here you’ll find an assortment of tips and tricks for developing Titanium applications.

Titaniumtips.com is not affiliated with Appcelerator Inc. I’m just a big fan of their work and hope that by sharing some knowledge of their software, it can help more people to be able to make great multi-platform software using Javascript alone.

My experience has been primarily iOS-related thus far, so this site will be primarily iOS-focused. At some stage I might start looking into Desktop, Android and other platforms in more detail and write some useful tips for them too, but it probably won’t be for a while.

If you have any ideas about what you’d like to see on this site, please let me know in the comments below or send me an email via info@titaniumtips.com.

This site won’t be updated every day, but I’ll try to add something new every few weeks. Subscribing to the RSS feed, or following @titaniumtips on Twitter is probably the best way to get the latest info.

So let’s get started...